The Re-Wilding of Long Island.  Long Island  is experiencing something of  a recovery and return of  marine and land animals. It's a fragile and exciting moment that hinges on our nurturing of this renewal. I'll be attempting to document as much as I can with camera traps and traditional photography. Any thoughts or tips please feel free to contact me.

North American River Otter, Shelter Island. They have been swimming east from Nassau County and west from Fisher's Island, after unregulated harvest, habitat destruction, and water pollution dwindled their step the Hamptons! Is their return a harbinger of increasing good water quality? Is it about the increased food supply due to the regulation of Atlantic Menhaden? 

Bald Eagle, Shelter Island, NY. By the time DDT was banned in 1972 the breeding populations of eagles in New York  was  down to one pair. After an extraordinary effort by the NYS DEC in 1975 eagles were reintroduced, and are thriving statewide. About ten years ago Long Island got its first two sets of breeding pairs. Above is a juvenile looking out across the water at some tasty ducks.

Eastern Cottontail, Shelter Island, NY

Red-Tail Hawk, Shelter Island, NY

Eastern Raccoons inspecting an otter latrine site, Greenport, NY.

Eastern Raccoon, Shelter Island, NY.

White-Tail Deer, Shelter Island, NY

Virginia Opossum, Shelter Island, NY.

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